5511 6 String Locking Nut with String Director

Nuts & String Locks: (6) String

Price: $60.00



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Features And Benefits

Multiple mounting screw installation alternatives

Can be tightened with Allen wrench or coin

Made of Steel RC60 Case Hardened

Kahler locking nut with string director

  • String director in rear eliminates need for additional bar or tree
  • String director has rounded “bumpers” to smoothly guide the string to the tuner.  No sharp edges to navigate.
  • String director greatly reduces risk of string breakage between locking point and tuner
  • String director prevents string from rubbing on locking screw under the pad
  • Selection of widths and radius
  • String director is 360HH Brass, individually machined and electroplated in USA.

*Some string directors do not have Kahler logo