Kahler® Quad Bridge Product Line

200 Unit Limited Edition

Kahler has begun a 200 unit Limited Edition Quad bridge production run. All product will be milled from 360 H/H brass using Kahler's original fixtures, tooling, and brass stock. Color finish options include Black, Bright Chrome, Gold, and Clear Coat. Each bridge will be stamped with a unique Serial Number to identify the production run. Each bridge will also include a Certificate of Authenticity with the matching serial number, signed by Gary Kahler.

1023 135 50 Quad Bridge Six (6) string. Stud set included.
1033 135 50 Quad Bridge Ten (10) string. Stud set included.
1030 235 50 Quad Bridge with Fine Tuning, Six (6) string. Stud set included.
1031 35 0 SAE Studs: 5/16-24, Nine pcs, Stud inserts included.
1031M 25 0 Metric Studs: M8-1.25, Seven pcs. No stud inserts.
1046 95 0 Ten String Saddle Set subassy, 30 pcs (for PN 1033)
1047 85 0 Six String Saddle Set subassembly, 30 pcs (for PN 1023)

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Pictures of the 1023, 1033, and 1030 below are vintage samples from the 1980s. You are buying new production made of the same materials with the same specifications.

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PNProduct Picture and information
1023 1023

Deposit or Full Pay
Color Finish
Stud Set Thread

1033 1030
Deposit or Full Pay
Color Finish
Stud Thread
1030 1030 Sold Out
1031 1031
SAE Stud Set Assy
Inserts included, 9 pcs


Color Finish

1031M 1031M
Metric Stud Set Assy, No inserts, 7 pcs

Full Payment
Color Finish
1046-1047 1046-7
Saddle Set Assy
6 or 10 Str, 30 pcs

Color Finish
1046-1047 PDF SPEC SHEET6 & 10 Str Saddle Set subassy, 30 pcs

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Orders ship January 2017. We will post updates to this page and send emails to Quad customers.

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Thank you to Tom Wolfe, Neal Moser, and all the vintage BC Rich fans for making this happen!